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Nettie Fox Farm is 25 acres of fields and woods located on the Kennebec Road in Newburgh, Maine, just south west of Bangor.  I cultivate 3 acres of MOFGA certified organic vegetables for sale at local farmers’ markets and through a 40 member CSA farm share program. Newburgh is a historic farming community and my farm used to be part of a 100 acre family farm.  The farmhouse was built in 1861.  Most of the fields are classified as prime farmland.  I am committed to using organic agriculture practices in an effort to preserve this valuable community resource.

I am Molly Crouse, sole proprietor.  I grew up on the Kennebec Road, just a few miles from Nettie Fox Farm.  I graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY in 2003 with a degree in Environmental studies and moved back to Maine in 2005 to start growing vegetables as an apprentice at Peacemeal Farm in Dixmont.  After spending two seasons there, I ventured out west to work on a vegetable farm/vineyard on Bainbridge Island, Washington for a season.  The next two years were spent co-operating Double Bit Farm with Christa Bahner  as the MOFGA farmer in residence.  I bought Nettie Fox Farm in November 2009.  When I’m not farming, you can find me attempting to fix up my creaky old farmhouse or working at Fedco Seeds in Clinton.

Nettie Rose Fox was my great-grandma.  She

was born in 1891 in New Brunswick and moved to Aroostook County with her family in 1894.  At nineteen, she married Edward Jordan Bull and went on to bear thirteen children.  She loved quilting, knitting, gardening and baking.  The center of her kitchen was the old “Home Comfort” woodstove, used for baking, hot water, drying wet mittens and warming up the occasional sick lamb.  She died on May 9th, 1987.

Huck is a three year old lab border collie mutt .  He enjoys long walks in the woods, tuna fish juice and shredding toilet paper.  He’s a rascal.

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